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I've been a loyal customer of Lone Star Bedding for years, and I would never go back to shavings! Because your bedding absorbs moisture and "clumps," I am able to completely remove every bit of urine and manure every time I clean stalls. It's as if my stalls are completely stripped every day. Because only the dirty bedding gets thrown into the muck bucket, I'm not wasting the clean stuff. Because the waste is conveniently clumped, it only takes a few minutes to clean the entire stall. My barn doesn't have that ammonia smell, because instead of just dispersing the urine like shavings do, Lone Star Bedding absorbs it and binds it together. One swoop with a pitchfork, and it's gone.

Of course, less odor means fewer flies. I don't even notice how few flies we have, until I go to another barn and notice how many they have! Also, one of my boarders moved her horse to my place last year before summer. He has always developed skin problems in the summer: itching, fungus, hair loss, etc. But he's always had shavings for bedding. His owner was really hoping he'd have less trouble since I use Lone Star Bedding. "Less trouble" doesn't say enough. He's had NO trouble!

We just took four horses to American Eventing Championships. Three of them are grey. Anyone who has competed a grey horse can tell you how difficult it is to keep them clean. Even when you clean out their stalls several times a day, they'll find a way to get filthy. We brought Lone Star Bedding to the show, rather than ordering shavings on the show grounds. While our greys did not remain spotless (they're very good at green spots), they could be "spot cleaned" with a damp rag. We were stabled near a wash rack, and saw countless horses with green spots smeared Everywhere, and watched their riders trying to clean their horses without getting wet and dirty themselves. We will never order shavings again!

Margaret Henry
Parker, Texas

Just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with your horse bedding pellets here at Decolores Farm. We board and train cutting horses and generally have from 15 to 30 horses stalled. Simply by using your product, we have been able to reduce our labor cost by over 30%, not to mention the actual time savings we make in not having as much daily waste material to remove. Lots of producers tell you about all the reasons you need their products; you folks deliver! As far as I'm concerned, you are a permanent supplier for DeColores Farm.

Thanks again,
E. Frady, Owner

This bedding is amazing! Every time my mare urinates in her stall, everyone in the stable drops what they're doing and runs to her stall to watch the bedding do its magic! Now everyone in the stable is converting!

J. Wood
Highlands, TX

I have been very pleased with your dehydrated wood pellet bedding material. It is the only bedding I use on my dirt-floored stalls, and it has really reduced the amount of dust in my stalls. I think it’s a great product!


D. Schmitz, DVM
College Station, TX

I have used the Lone Star Bedding product for several months now and have decided it is the best bedding I have ever seen. In 30 years in the horse business I have seen a lot of products tried. My barn looks better and has no odor. The Lone Star Bedding is also the best kitty litter I’ve seen.

J. Emerson
Lindale, TX

Lone Star Bedding has saved me a lot of time and money. You can clean stalls in one fourth of the time it takes with regular shavings. Because they last 8-10 weeks, you don’t have a pile of muck behind the barn.

G. Mitcham
Bullard, TX

They last longer and take less time to clean.

G. Walker
Tehuacana, TX

I have been a user of Lone Star Bedding for several months. It has proven to be an economical alternative to traditional bedding products. Lone Star Bedding does a good job absorbing ammonia, helping control insect problems, and keeps my barns smelling fresh. I have less waste disposal and have eliminated the compost pile by my barns. I would recommend Lone Star Bedding to anyone looking for a labor saving, cost effective, environmentally safe bedding product.

J. Galyean
Ardmore, OK

I would like to thank you for making such an exceptional bedding product. We have been using your compressed pellet shavings in our 40-stall race horse barn for one year now and have been very happy. The pellets fluff up to make nice stall bedding for our horses and the clean up time is one half the time and effort used with the conventional shavings. We make fewer trips emptying the wheel barrels, which means less time emptying our waste pit. We went from emptying the pit twice a week to once every two weeks. It is also easier to dispose of on our land since it is all biodegradable.

Those are the every day benefits we have seen. The long-term benefits include a 75% saving on our yearly shaving bill, which is money put back into our pockets for other things.

We hope to continue working with you in the coming year and are always telling other potential users about this great product.

B & S Fitzpatrick
Rockdale, TX